Your Body Is Not A Burden

HEALTH IS WEALTH! Stop judging and start appreciating your body. It's the biggest gift you'll ever receive.

The judgements, frustrations, and worries we place on the body only aggravate unwanted conditions and circumstances. How would your life change if you saw the body for what it is; an intelligent, complex and amazing machine designed for you to live out your best life? How would your day to day change if you sat for a few minutes and just experienced appreciation?

Listen first thing in the morning or before bed at night. Listen anytime you're feeling disconnected from your body. Listen when you're experiencing injury or illness. Listen when you want to feel good about your body. This 13 minute guided meditation will shift the mind from judgement to gratitude bringing health and healing to the body. Create body awareness and a deep awareness around how amazing the body is. Notice how you feel after just a few minutes of conscious appreciation.

If you say thank you it will surely thank you back.

Your Instructor

Robin Duryea
Robin Duryea

For 25 years, Robin has used yoga to heal and empower herself. Studies in vinyasa, Iyengar, pranayama, and chanting inspire her integrative teaching style that challenges students wherever they are at. Robin offers a dynamic, deep and daring practice that invokes the power of intention. Asking the questions, "Why do you practice?" "What do you want?" and "What do you need?" she awakens an inquiry that cultivates strength in body, clarity in mind and resilience in spirit.

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Practice everyday for a week and watch how your body responds!

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